IDEAL Payments for Restrict Content Pro

IDEAL Payments for Restrict Content Pro
This plugin is now available in the WordPress Plugin Directory, so you can conveniently install it from your WordPress dashboard and get the latest updates instantly! The latest version of RCP Mollie supports recurring payments. Please read the Mollie documentation carefully before activating this option in your webshop.

A growing number of online businesses embraces the freemium business model. This allows a business to offer content for free and to offer paid plans for premium content. This business model is being applied by online gaming platforms, newspapers and online education to name a few.

There are several membership and premium content plugins available, but our favorite is Restrict Content Pro. Is offers great functionality, and because it’s very developer friendly is has a large community of contributers. This results in many add-ons and regular updates! If your business offers services for Dutch and Belgian customers, its vital to add IDEAL and Bancontact payments to your webshop. These payment methods are used by the majority of Dutch and Belgian online shoppers. For this purpose we developed an add-on which enables payments via the Mollie Gateway. Mollie is a Dutch Payment Service Provider that enables payments via PayPal, IDEAL, Bancontact and even Bitcoin.

Installation and use

Installing the add-on is fast and easy. To get started you need to setup an acount at Mollie and have Restrict Content Pro installed and activated on your website. This tutorial does not cover the setup process of Restrict Content Pro in further detail.

  1. Install the plugin by clicking new plugin from the WordPress dashboard.
  2. Activate the plugin and got to the RCP Mollie settings
  3. Fill in your Mollie API Keys
  4. Activate your payment methods in the Restrict Content Pro payment settings.
  5. Test your active payment methods

Recurring payments

To activate recurring payments, enter an amount for the initial test-payment in the RCP Mollie settings. If a customer choses for recurring payments upon checkout, they are redirected to the Mollie checkout page where they pay the test amount. This will authorize the next payments directly from the webshop. If the testpayment is completed, the first term of the subscription will be immediately charged to the customer.

Please note: In test-mode, the subscription payment will not be automatically authorized and therefore be payment in the customer profile will have the pending status.

This plugin is provided as-is and is free to use as long as the author information is preserved.