Digital Design

Digital Design

We offer

  • Full control over your website’s content
  • Independence from your webdesigners schedule
  • A fast and reliable and mobile friendly website with the latest features
  • A website optimized for search engines

Webdesign is not just about creating websites, it’s all about you!

A website is more than a bunch of images and text on a webpage. It’s an online representation of your business and you as an entrepreneur! When designing a website we are tuned in to your business to craft an online experience that puts you ahead of your competition. A powerful layout, color balance, attention for web typography and appealing Call To Actions are essential for a converting website.

What can you expect when we design your website?

Responsive design

phoneAt the current time there are more then 9000 different screenformats for viewing webpages. We design websites in a way that they adjust to the screen automatically for the best possible experience.


Modern technology and standards

We hate to throw technical terms at you, but there’s no other way to say this 😉 . We strive to build your website with the latest technology in order to create the best user experience for your visitors. We use HTML5, CSS3, Less, Sass, Grunt, Gulp, Bower and many other tools for fast and reliable development. Do you have your own backend developers? No problem, we understand version control with Git and remote repositories so we can collaborate from anywhere.

Analyze this

trendsBeing in the know about your website’s performance is important to make business decisions. We can integrate your Google Analytics account in your website, or we can set up a managed account for you. With our analytics service we keep you updated on your website’s overall performance and important events.